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The anti-epidemic material CT tube in the unexpected reason
- 2020-11-12-

CT tube, Anti-epidemic materials in unexpected reasons,Due to the high "false negative rate" of nucleic acid detection, the lack of long cycle and relatively large detection and measurement; imaging examination has the advantages of timely, accurate, fast, high positive rate, and the extent of lung lesions is closely related to clinical symptoms. ;After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, some experts proposed that CT and nucleic acid detection reagents should be used together, which is more conducive to diagnosing new crown patients and controlling the epidemic. The diagnosis and treatment plan for pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection (trial version 5) is more than the beginning. The diagnostic criteria for diagnosed cases (limited to Hubei Province). For a while, CT became famous. Mobile CT, vehicle CT, square cabin CT, etc. have become "battlefields". The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and treatment issued by the China Medical Equipment Association urgently needs medicine The equipment catalog (the 3rd batch) is greater than that "CT tube" is also listed as anti-epidemic materials. This is not only becauseCT tubeIt is a key accessory for CT production. Newly built makeshift hospitals, Leishen Hospital and Huoshenshan Hospital all require a large number of tubes that are matched with domestic CT machines. Also, due to the high value of CT tubes, few hospitals have spare tubes for storage.CT at the hospitalWith a sudden increase in outages, CT tubes will be damaged due to consumption, resulting in downtime. Unlike low-value consumables or "integrated assembly" equipment, CT tubes cannot be produced in a short time. The supply of raw materials and the process lead to CT tube consumption and manufacturing cycle is long,CT tubeThe shortage will seriously affect the timely supply and normal operation of CT equipment.