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There are these methods for tube development to prolong the life of CT tube
- 2020-10-10-

Tube research and development CT tube is one of the expensive components in the CT machine. The correct use of it will directly affect the smooth operation of CT and medical work, and will affect the economic and social benefits of the hospital.CT tubeThe correct use and maintenance of the tube plays an important role in prolonging the life of the tube and improving the image quality.

The factors that affect the life of the CT tube are summarized as follows.

1, warm-up scan operation (WARMUP)

When CT stops scanning for several hours and then stops scanning, you should follow the instructions of the machine to perform a warm-up scan.

Warm-up scanning is beneficial to prolong the service life of the tube and ensure good image quality.

2. Correctly control the exposure conditions

According to the patient's age, fat and thinness and scanning position, the scanning conditions can be accurately set to reduce unnecessary tube loss, and at the same time reduce the harm of excessive radiation to the patient and operator.

3, Control the length of positioning (SCOUT VIEW)

Accurately position the patient and confirm the scanning site, and minimize the exposure of the non-examined site.

4, temperature and humidity and environmental control

The tube will generate a lot of heat during the exposure process, so it is necessary to equip an air-conditioning system with sufficient capacity, strictly control the temperature and humidity of the scanning room according to the rules, and ensure the circulation of air in the scanning frame, which will be conducive to the effective heat dissipation of the tube.

5. Reduce the empty consumption of the tube rotating anode (ROTOR) and filament

When the scanning program is in the "ready" state, the exposure scanning should be stopped immediately. At this time, the rotating anode of the tube has been accelerated to a high speed of 10000r\/min, and the filament has also been heated to the temperature required for exposure. If the tube development does not stop the exposure in time , which will form the empty loss of the bulb.

6, good maintenance

Doing a good job in preventive maintenance of the equipment and ensuring the good state of the equipment as a whole, especially the high pressure control system of the tube, is an important element to ensure the operation of the tube.

7, good operating procedures

Formulate and strictly implement operating procedures, develop CT equipment for mid-range tubes, and wait at least 20 minutes before turning off the control power each time to allow the tubes to cool down sufficiently, prohibit the use of high-power radio equipment such as mobile phones in the CT room, and prevent interference with the equipment. resulting in damage.