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Warm Invitation|Konason & Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Sonnick will jointly launch tube products at the Shanghai Medical Expo
- 2020-10-13-

Exhibition Express

The 83rd China International Medical Equipment Fair

Shanghai, China·National Convention and Exhibition Center

October 19-22, 2020

Booth No.: C31, Hall 4.1

CMEF (full name: China International Medical Equipment Fair) was founded in 1979 and is held every spring and autumn2 sessions,include

The exhibition and the forum are divided into two parts. After more than 40 years of accumulation and precipitation, the exhibitionhas developed into an internationalcollarfirst overwrite

coverThe whole industry chain of medical equipment, integrating product technology, new product launch, procurement trade,branding,divisionresearchCooperation,study

A global comprehensive service platform integrating technology forums, education and training.

byInnovative technology leads the futureThe 83rd China International Medical Equipment Fair was founded(CMEF),

brandCarrying medical images, medical testing, in vitro diagnosis, medical light, medical electronics, hospital construction, smart medical care,wisdom

canTens of thousands of products, technologies and services from the entire industry chain such as wearable products will be exhibited, focusing on displaying the latest technology in the industry


Booth layout

Exhibits grab the prophet

Subversive strategic innovation will definitely lead the industry and attract much attention.

Joining forces, the first wave of products launched in the market includes 11 X-ray tube components.

After the news, new and old customers took the initiative to consult.

For more product details, welcome new and old friends to come to the Shanghai Medical Expo to learn more. At that time, our company willin Shanghai

holdIntended customers will be invited to come to negotiate.

About Konason

Konason (Guangdong) Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Development Zone,mainengage in

Molecular medical imaging equipment research and development, production, sales and technical services, to provide customers with technology development, tubeProduction,

Comprehensive service of tube sales and consulting.

Konason focuses on the core technology of medical imaging, adhering to the concept of driving the iteration of medical equipment products with technological innovation,

Provide CT tube and other core components products and technical support for domestic third-party large-scale medical imaging equipment maintenance service providers,

Provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment solutions for medical institutions.

The company has a core team with outstanding innovation, strong professional skills and strong service capabilities, and adheres to the "scientific and technological innovation,

Responsibility, rigorous and careful, value dedication" value concept, currently cooperates with many high-tech medical imaging equipment at home and abroad

ProductionenterpriselongThe performance, appearance, safety and other aspects of the output products have been strictly inspected to meet theMutually

closeregulationsrequirements to ensure high quality.

Shanghai Pharma Sonic strategically cooperates with Konason, starting from the needs of life science and medicine, paying tribute to life with imaging technology,

Help the medical system with the power of innovation and change to improve the efficiency and quality of medical services.

October 19-22, 2020Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center4. C31, Hall 1, see you!


Guangdong Shanghai Pharmaceutical Sunny Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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