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How to prolong the service life of CT tube
- 2020-12-21-

Teach you some extensionCT tubeWays to use life:

(1) Shorten the preheating time of the filament: The preheating time of the filament often exceeds the exposure time. Long-term power supply will shorten the life of the filament, and the evaporated tungsten in the filament will adhere to the die glass and causeCT tubeWork is unstable.

(2) Use low tube current to work: the high tube current will also shorten the life of the filament, so under the condition that milliamperes (the product of tube current and exposure time) are equal, low tube current and long exposure should be used as much as possible, and high tube current should be used less frequently. Tube flow and short exposure. The operating conditions that reduce the exposure level limit are beneficial to prolong the life of the focus track, and at the same time, it will also reduce the radiation output drop caused by the rough focus track.

(3) Avoid high mA exposure on the cold target surface: because it will cause irregular shrinkage, the target surface will crack or the glass bulb will burst, thereby reducing the service life of the bulb.

(4) Regularly checkCT tubeStop maintenance. Tube maintenance can well improve the working environment of the tube core, thereby prolonging the service life of the tube.