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X-ray tube production imaging principle
- 2020-10-09-

With the improvement and development of CT equipment, the correct use of CT, the reduction of tube wear, and the reduction of operating costs are the concerns of CT staff in every hospital. The following article discusses this issue from two aspects: theory and theory.

X-ray tube productionImaging principle:

1. The reason why the play can make the human body form an image on the fluorescent screen or film is based on the characteristics of x-ray, that is, its penetrability, fluorescence effect and photographic effect; on the other hand, it is based on the density and thickness of human tissue. Difference. Due to this difference, when X-rays pass through various tissue structures of the human body, they are absorbed at different levels, so the amount of X-rays reaching the fluorescent screen or X-ray film is different.

In this way, different black and white images are formed on the fluorescent screen or X-ray film.

Therefore, the composition of X-ray images should meet the following three basic conditions: first, X-rays should have a certain penetrating power, so as to penetrate the reflected tissue structure; second, the penetrated tissue structure must exist. Due to the difference in density and thickness, in this way, the amount of x-rays remaining after correction and absorption during the penetration process will be different; third, the remaining x-rays with differences are still invisible, and it is necessary to After the process of imaging, such as imaging by X-ray photos or image intensifiers, it can also be acquired by a detector matrix, and converted into digital images after A\/D analog-to-digital conversion. The printer prints on different media to display the x-ray image produced by the X-ray tube with black and white contrast and layers.

When X-ray penetrates tissues with different densities, the tissue with high density is absorbed more, and the tissue with low density is absorbed less, so the amount of remaining X-ray appears different, thus forming a black-and-white contrast X-ray image.

When x-rays penetrate tissues or organs with different thicknesses, the thick local absorbs more x-rays, and the thin local absorbs less x-rays, so the amount of remaining x-rays varies. In fact, the two elements of density and thickness are often Comprehensively affect X-ray imaging.

2. Influence of tube parameters on imaging

The indicators that affect the X-ray imaging quality of X-ray tube production, we usually mainly use two indicators to weigh, spatial resolution and density resolution, except for the reason of the equipment, and the parameters and performance of the tube will also affect these two parameters. It has an important impact. Next, we analyze the X-ray imaging quality from the perspective of the tube.