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1, the concept of human resources

Regardless of seniority, if you are talented, you will be promoted next; Conason needs you to do what you are good at and happy to do.

2, career development

The job rank system provides employees with a broad space for career development.
Job rank is a rank system set according to job category, job responsibilities, job value, staff ability and performance.
Job rank is an important channel for employees' career development. With the improvement of personal ability and performance, employees can be promoted to job rank as they take on more responsibilities.
In Konason, the "dual-track system" of job and job rank promotion is implemented. As long as you are an employee with professional strength, no matter whether you are in a management position or not, you still have "prospect" and "money way".

3, personnel needs

Recruitment position:Ultrasound Maintenance Engineer, X-ray Maintenance Engineer, Accelerator Maintenanceengineer

Number of recruits: several
Ultrasound maintenance engineer, X-ray maintenance engineer, accelerator maintenance engineer,

3+ years of maintenance experience is required.
This position is open to the whole country and is needed in all medium and large cities (Changchun\/Shenyang\/Wuhan\/


Recruitment position:Tele-marketing

Number of recruits: 4 people

1, high school or above, only female;
2, strong expression ability, clear articulation, standard Mandarin, sweet voice;
3, willing to engage in the sales industry and have passion.
Working place: Dongguan. Songshan Lake

Recruitment position: After-sales maintenance service engineer

Number of recruits: 10 people

1, male, college degree or above;
2, with electronic circuit analysis ability;
3, good English, can understand English technical information;
4, automation control or medical imaging, electronic technology and other related majors;
5. Strong pressure resistance, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and be able to travel frequently;
Working place: Dongguan, Beijing, Shanghai or Xi'an

Recruitment position: sales representative (high base salary plus commission)

Number of recruits: 10 people
1, college degree or above, male or female;
2, strong expression ability, clear articulation, standard Mandarin;
3, willing to engage in the sales industry and have passion;
4. Those with sales experience in the medical industry are preferred.

Working place: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai or Xi'an