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X-ray tube assembly replacement installation steps
- 2020-10-09-

The X-ray machine is a device that produces X-rays. It is mainly composed of an X-ray tube, an X-ray machine power supply, and a control circuit. The X-ray tube assembly consists of a cathode filament (Cathod), an anode target (Anode), and a vacuum glass tube. composition:

1. Open the anode first, so that you can see that there is a wire passing through the part of the cable sleeve, first remove this wire.

2, and then open the cover of the cathode of the bulb.

3, then remove the 3 lines, big focus, small focus, common line

4, and then fix itX-ray tube assemblyOpen the 3 screws of the tube, and open the 3 screws fixed to the tube

5. Now the circular ring can be taken out and the X-ray tube can be removed

6. At this time, use one hand to reach in and hold the X-ray tube firmly, and the other hand can stabilize the tube. The inner hand should be forced to face the anode and turn counterclockwise, so that the X-ray tube can be taken off. .

7. When installing, be careful, follow this order of thinking, and also pay attention to the center point of the X-ray tube assembly to the center of the window.

8. Finally, after everything is fixed, you can add the burnt transformer oil to the tube (below 60 degrees Celsius)