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CT Replacement Tube Independent Manufacturer
- 2020-10-10-

In 1946, Dunmore Dunk and Zed Atlee co-founded Dunlee (Dangli). The title of Dunlee is the separation of the names of the two founders, as well as their respective resources and advantages. They successfully developed and produced a radiation display. Like a tube, and successfully entered the high-end CT tube market, until today.

In 1994, Dunlee's headquarters moved from Bellwood, Illinois, USA to Aurora, Illinois, where a 162,000-square-foot design and manufacturing center was built.

In 1998, Dunlee took the lead in developing the CT tube replacement market, and produced the industry's first 1.0 MHU CT exchange tube, which is also a CT replacement tube.

In the past, the CT replacement tube produced by Dangli has covered the products of GE, Philips, Siemens, Canon and other major manufacturers.

In 2001, Dunlee was acquired by Philips. Philips Medical's CT replacement tube is a leader in medical imaging, especially in X-ray tube technology. As early as 1895, Philips produced the first commercial X-ray tube Tube. Since then, Philips has obtained many technical achievements in the field of tube, such as the liquid metal bearing technology created in 1990, which makes the X-ray tube used in the cardiovascular field and CT equipment almost noiseless, and no noise. Will fail due to conventional ball bearing wear.

After acquiring Dunlee, Philips Medical consumes more than 12,000 tubes per year.